My Apps

The "My Apps" section will show you all of your recent Enhancements grouped by app. If you haven't uploaded an app yet but started the Enhance process it will read "No app file".

You can customize the label to easily distinguish between enhancements.

Will tell you how long ago you created the enhancement.

The version number of the app for that enhancement; by default this will be the version of the app when it was created. It can be manually changed during the enhancement process.

This is where it will display what type of services you have implemented.
    • No SDKs: If you have not chosen any SDKs to Enhance with it will show "No SDKs" until you go back and choose some.
    • [Selected Amount] SDKs: After you have created a new Enhancement you will be prompted to choose which SDKs you would like to Enhance with. After choosing which ones you want to include, it will display the amount here. You can get more information about the SDKs you have implemented by hovering over them.

This will show you what stage in the Enhance process you are currently at.
    • New: If you have not chosen the SDK types to Enhance with and uploaded your app after creating a new Enhancement will be considered new.
    • Awaiting app upload: Your enhancement is awaiting a valid app file upload.
    • Awaiting SDK options: After you have created a new Enhancement it will prompt you to choose which SDKs you'd like to Enhance with, if you save without choosing it will fall into this status.
    • Awaiting signing information: After you have chosen the SDKs you would like to use, you will need to set your signing options.
    • Enhancing: After you have uploaded an app, chosen your SDKs and set signing options you can begin Enhancing your app. This status will display while the app is Enhancing. While this is happening your apps status will remain as "Enhancing" until it's finished.
    • Complete: Once the app has been completely Enhanced you will be able to download it and publish to the relevant app store.

There are certain actions available to you depending on the status of your Enhanced app. Below are the different actions available.
    • Continue: This will let you continue the Enhance process where you previously left off.
    • Re-Enhance: This will let you start a new Enhancement with the same settings and app file as a previous session. You will not have to re-upload the app.
    • Retry: This option will show up if there was an issue while trying to Enhance your app.
    • Download: Download your Enhanced app file.

Edit Mediation:

Once you have completely finished the Enhance process (status shows as "Complete"), you will have the ability to to edit the mediation waterfall of SDKs you have Enhanced with.