Supported Platforms

Build cross-platform 2D and 3D apps.
Build apps for all Android supported devices.
Build apps for all iOS supported devices.
Build mobile apps using Flash technologies.
Build cross-platform 2D apps using Defold.
Build cross-platform 2D apps using Construct 2.
Build cross-platform apps using web technologies.
Build cross-platform 2D apps using Stencyl.
Build mobile apps using Construct 3 and Cordova.
Build cross-platform apps using Xamarin.
Build Android apps using MIT App Inventor.

Even if your app is built using a platform other than those listed above, you can easily use Enhance to add ZeroCode SDKs to your app. This is more limited than what’s on offer for the fully-supported platforms above, but is still a great way to add services such as Analytics to your app with no code required. A great use for this is adding services that would otherwise be completely impossible to add (e.g. Google Analytics in a Multimedia Fusion app).