Local Notifications

Local Notifications are reminders which show up on your screen after the app becomes inactive for a specific amount of time.


request local notification permission

void request local notification permission()

Request a permission from the user to show local notifications. This won't have any effect on Android devices as you don't need a permission to schedule local notifications there (the successful callback will be still fired).

enable local notification

void enable local notification(
    text title,
    text message,
    number delay

Schedule a new local notification, if possible. The notification will persist until you disable it manually. For example, if you set a notification for 60 seconds, it will invoke this notification 60 seconds after the app is closed, every time.


text  title - Title (header) of the notification.

text  message - Message (body) of the notification.

number  delay - Delay of the notification (how long to wait after app becomes inactive). Use seconds.

disable local notification

void disable local notification()

Disable any local notification that was previously enabled.

on local notification permission granted

on local notification permission granted()

Called when a permission to schedule local notifications is granted or not required.

on local notification permission refused

on local notification permission refused()

Called when a permission to schedule local notifications is refused. Trying to enable a notification will not have any effect.