Local Notifications

Local Notifications are reminders which show up on your screen after the app becomes inactive for a specific amount of time.

var onPermissionGranted = function() {
    // Success
    Enhance.enableLocalNotification("Game", "Play me!", 60);

var onPermissionRefused = function() {
    // Failure

Enhance.requestLocalNotificationPermission(onPermissionGranted, onPermissionRefused);



Void Enhance.requestLocalNotificationPermission(
    Void->Void onPermissionGrantedCallback,
    Void->Void onPermissionRefusedCallback

Request a permission from the user to show local notifications. This won't have any effect on Android devices as you don't need a permission to schedule local notifications there (the successful callback will be still fired).


Void->Void  onPermissionGrantedCallback - Called when a permission to schedule local notifications is granted or not required.

Void->Void  onPermissionRefusedCallback - Called when a permission to schedule local notifications is refused. Trying to enable a notification will not have any effect.


Void Enhance.enableLocalNotification(
    String title,
    String message,
    Int delaySeconds

Schedule a new local notification, if possible. The notification will persist until you disable it manually. For example, if you set a notification for 60 seconds, it will invoke this notification 60 seconds after the app is closed, every time.


String  title - Title (header) of the notification.

String  message - Message (body) of the notification.

Int  delaySeconds - Delay of the notification (how long to wait after app becomes inactive). Use seconds.


Void Enhance.disableLocalNotification()

Disable any local notification that was previously enabled.