What is ZeroCode?

There will be some SDKs that will not require the developer to add any code to their app at all as Enhance will automatically add it to their application.

Why would I use it?

We provide Drag and Drop libraries for many platforms but there might be a platform you have used to built your app that we don't have a Drag and Drop library ready for yet. You can still Enhance your app and take advantage of a select few of SDKs we provide. You might also just want the fastest integration possible - in which case ZeroCode offers a limited subset of Enhance features with almost no time investment.

What type of SDKs are ZeroCode Supported?

Not all available integrations are ZeroCode-enabled. You will be limited to a subset of SDK types if you want to use ZeroCode. You will be able to tell which ones support it because it will show the image on it.

  • Ads
    • Preroll Ads: Ads that automatically appear every time your app is launched by a user.
    • Fixed Banner Ads: Persistent ad at the top or bottom of the screen.
  • Analytics
    • Crash Reporting: Collect data from your users about errors in your app, typically including error types, counts and logs.
    • Simple Tracking: An easy way to track how many users are using your app - simply sends a single event when your app starts.
    • Attribution: Collect data about your marketing campaigns, such as install sources for your app. Note that you can use the Drag and Drop library analytics calls to send custom events and data to attribution networks (see here).
  • Other
    • Audio: Improve the audio in your app.
    • Push Notifications: Send notification messages to all of the users of your app.
    • Special Offers: Real-world offer ads shown after other ad types. No code required!