Getting Started

To Enhance your first app you will need to look for the Enhance My App button which will be on the home page when you first log in. After clicking the button you will start the Enhance process.

Select Service Types

Select which types of SDKs you would like to add. Some SDK types require our Drag and Drop library and a small amount of code (best eCPM and the most flexibility), while others are ZeroCode options, meaning you don’t need our library and you won't have to write a single line of code for it to work! In the next step you'll select the specific SDKs from major providers that you want to use.

Upload App

If you only choose ZeroCode service types you will not see the "Drag and Drop" option below and you will only have to upload your app. If you do choose one of the options that are not ZeroCode you will need to implement the Drag and Drop library in order for the Enhancement to work.

After uploading your app if it possible an error will be displayed. The error messages are designed to be self explanatory, but one particular error that often leads to confusion is the 'Drag and Drop library not found' error - in addition to showing up if your app doesn't include the library, you might also see this if you are using ProGuard or Instant Run. Ensure you turn off any obfuscation options when building your app, as if your app is obfuscated Enhance might not be able to find the Drag and Drop library!

Once you have finished choosing what type of SDKs you would like to Enhance with and uploaded your app you can click "Continue" to advance the process. You also have the option to save your progress and exit at any time - any options you have selected on any page will be saved when you choose "Save and Exit".

Also note that you will not have to upload your appliction again after it has been saved.

Choose SDKs

This is where you will choose the SDK providers that you want to Enhance with based off of the SDK types you chose previously. The SDK types you have chosen will determine whether you have the option to choose an Ad Mediation Network. You will usually have a choice of Ad Mediation Network if you choose "Interstitial Ads", "Rewarded Ads", "Banners" or "Fixed Banners".

Set Up My Own Mediation: You will be responsible for managing all of your own ad networks, meaning you will need to sign up for accounts with each network and fill in your own details for them. Note that since these are all your own accounts and codes, this will work exactly as if you implemented the SDKs in the traditional way. You will also have the option to set up mediation waterfalls from your "My Apps" list if you chose this option.

If you choose to "Set Up My Own Mediation" you will have to fill in all of the necessary information required by each SDK provider you wish to implement. We have no way of validating if the placement or api key information you input for each provider is correct so please make sure to do so before inputting.

Set Signing Options

The options on this page are important if you plan to publish your Enhanced app. In order to publish an app, it must be signed after it is Enhanced. You can find more in-depth information about signing here.

We provide the following signing options:

Upload my certificate and allow Enhance to sign on my behalf: Upload an existing certificate/keystore and allow Enhance to sign your app with it. This is highly recommended as it is the only way for application to be properly signed for release in an app store. If you do not use this option and want to publish your app, you will have to manually re-sign it yourself after Enhancing.

Sign for testing only: Choosing this option makes it quick and easy to test your Enhanced application on any device but will stop you from publishing your app on Google Play.

Don't sign my app (advanced): This option is for advanced users only, and not recommended unless you have an understanding of how to manually sign your app. You will be unable to run the app until it is properly signed.

If you upload your keystore or certificate, we will store it in a new keystore, with new details, securely encrypted on the Enhance server. Even our own team members will be unable to retrieve the original certificate, and none of your original details (alias, passwords) are stored at all. Using this new keystore, we have authority to sign your app so that you can download it and update it on app stores immediately after Enhancing it. This is highly convenient for making quick updates and trying out different SDKs!

App Version

This will load the current version of your application and increment it so you can easily upload the newest version to the app store. Always make sure when changing this value that it's greater than the current version! This is very important, if you don't your application will not be accepted by an app store like iTunes or Google Play.


Once you have finished signing the application the actual Enhance process will begin! The SDKs you have chosen will be implemented into your app very quickly. The Enhance process usually takes under two minutes. If you close the window, don't worry! The Enhance process will continue and you'll be able to download your Enhanced app from your "My Apps" list when it is complete. Once the Enhance process is finished, your app is ready to be published to the relevant app store!