Enhance Continuous Integration Plugins

Enhance provides support for the most popular Continuous Integration (CI) systems. We're actively working on adding support for more services. Details of our released official plugins can be found below.


  • API credentials

    This allows your Jenkins server to access your Enhance account.

    To generate a new API key and secret, use the API Keys page

  • Base session

    The 'base session' is used as a template by Jenkins so that you can easily set up your services to be included and the parameters for each service. (e.g. you may set up a 'base session' which includes MoPub Mediation with some unit IDs preconfigured).

    To create a base session use the Create API Session tool.

How to install the plugin

To install the provided .hpi plugin into your Jenkins instance, open the Jenkins dashboard, click the Manage Jenkins button, pick Manage Plugins from the list, switch to the Advanced tab and then use the Upload Plugin option to install our package. If you need more information about managing plugins in Jenkins, please visit the official Jenkins documentation

Setting up the Enhance Plugin

To automatically perform an Enhancement after your project build has completed, go to the Configure page in Jenkins, scroll down to the Post-build Actions section, click the Add post-build action button and select Enhance My App from the dropdown list.

Provide the API Key, API Secret, and the Base Session ID described in the prerequisites above, and then give the App relative path so the plugin knows which app to send to Enhance.

After providing the above information, your app will automatically be run through Enhance after a successful build.

App signing

The information provided in this section applies to Android builds only.

Enhance allows you to upload a keystore file which can then be used in your base session to sign your app for release, however the Jenkins plugin has built-in support for Android app signing, meaning you have the option to keep your sensitive signing credentials on your own server.

When using this functionality, your Android app will be signed locally by the server that you are running Jenkins on.

To access this functionality, click the Advanced button on the step configuration page for Enhance, and specify your keystore path, alias and password. The Enhance plugin will never transmit any of the information from this page from your server.


The plugin is verbose about actions it performs and errors that it encounters. To find Enhance output in logs, simply access the Console Output of any job and search for Enhance.


Install the provided .zip plugin into your TeamCity instance. For more information about managing plugins in TeamCity, please visit the official documentation here.


This plugin will make use of our Enhance Process API to automatically perform Enhancements as one of your project's build steps (build-runner). To start working with the plugin, you will need an API key (which you can create here) and a base Enhancement Session, which will be copied every time you build your app. To set up your base Enhancement Session, please use our online tool.