Using older version? Download library for Construct 2

Construct 3

Install the provided .c3addon plugin. To do that, open the Menu->View->Addon Manager window, then press the Install new addon button and navigate to the file. If you run into trouble, check out the official guide.

Construct 2

Install the provided .c2addon plugin. To do this, open the Construct 2 and drag and drop the file onto the window. The important thing to note is that this connector is not standalone and will require you to include also another Drag and Drop library. That said, the plugin you just installed is only a wrapper for our Cordova (JavaScript) extension. This is due to how Construct 2 handles mobile builds - if you want to build a native mobile application, you will always need an additional software. Why? Because Construct 2 exports your application as HTML5/JavaScript code, which alone won't work on mobile devices, unless you run it in a web browser. There are different methods to "wrap" your project into a native mobile app and most of them are based on the Apache Cordova. This means that before we move forward you will have to export your project for the Cordova target. To do so, use the File->Export project... option and choose the Cordova icon under the Mobile section.

Now, let's take a look at a few different options to build your Construct 2 mobile app with Enhance library included.

Cordova CLI

We will use the original Cordova distribution. First of all, you should install the Apache Cordova on your Mac, Linux or Windows machine. Once it's ready, open the terminal or cmd.exe (if you're on Windows) and navigate to your exported project's folder:

cd path/to/my/project

To enable Enhance usage, add the latest version of our Cordova connector to your project's dependencies:

cordova plugin add enhance-cordova-connector

Now you can run the cordova prepare command to make your project ready for packaging. From this point, the project should be ready for the further configuration and building.


Cocoon by ludei is an online build service for HTML5 projects. If you want to use it, you will need an account. If you don't have one, go ahead and sign up. Once your account is ready, create a .zip archive with the folder we exported from Construct 2, then use the Drop ZIP or Upload option from the Create project section and navigate to the archive. When the upload process is done, a new project should appear on your dashboard. To enable Enhance usage in your app, you will have to add our Cordova plugin to it. To do that, go to the Settings page and switch to the Plugins section. From the list on the left side, pick the Custom option and enter the following Git Url:


Press the Install button. From this point, the project should be ready for the further configuration and building.


There may be an additional software (e.g. Android SDK, Xcode) or steps required. If you run into trouble with any of that, please refer to a respective documentation.