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Rewarded Ads

Rewarded Ads are usually full-screen video ads which users can view to receive a reward inside the app, like an additional in-game currency or a health bonus for example.


Show rewarded ad

Action Show rewarded ad(
    optional String placement = "default"

Display an ad if any is currently available. The ad provider is selected based on your app's mediation settings.


optional String  placement - Specifies the internal placement of the ad (from the Enhance mediation editor).

On rewarded ad failed

Condition On rewarded ad failed()

Called when Enhance failed to show an ad for any reason (e.g. received no fill error from the ad network).

On reward granted

Condition On reward granted()

Called when an ad is finished and a reward is granted to the user. To fetch more information about the reward, use the Enhance.LastRewardType and Enhance.LastRewardValue expressions.

On reward declined

Condition On reward declined()

Called when a reward is declined (e.g. user closed the ad before it finished displaying).

On reward unavailable

Condition On reward unavailable()

Called when a reward is unavailable for an unknown reason and cannot be granted.


Expression LastRewardType()

Type of the last granted reward. See the Properties section for possible values.


Expression LastRewardValue()

Value of the last granted reward. Only applicable if Enhance.LastRewardType is equal to Enhance.REWARD_TYPE_COINS.


Indicates that the granted reward is a game-defined item.


Indicates that the granted reward is a specific number of coins.