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Offer Walls

Offer Walls show full screen of real world offers (e.g. surveys), usually with an in-game reward offered in return for a completion.


Show offerwall

Action Show offerwall(
    optional String placement = "default"

Display an offer wall if any is currently available. The offer wall provider is selected based on your app's mediation settings.


optional String  placement - Specifies the internal placement of the ad (from the Enhance mediation editor).

On offerwall failed

Condition On offerwall failed()

Called when Enhance failed to show an offer wall for any reason (e.g. received no fill error from the ad network).

On offerwall currency granted

Condition On offerwall currency granted()

Called every time the user receives a reward from any offerwall. The fetch the reward amount, use the Enhance.LastCurrencyAmount expression.


Expression LastCurrencyAmount()

Amount of the last granted currency.