Initial Setup

Flash Builder

In the Project Properties dialog (Main Menu > Project > Properties), navigate to the Actionscript Build Path section. In the Library path tab, add the Enhance SWC file, then switch to the Native extensions tab and add the ANE file.

This process should automatically add the extension ID to your project.xml file. If the extension is not automatically added, follow the instructions below.

Adobe AIR Project

Include the provided .swc and .ane libraries into your Air project. If you don't use any IDE, open the .xml file of your project and update the <extensions> section:


Command Line Build

If you're using the command line to build your project, you will have to supply additional parameters to include the Enhance library. Example:

# Compile .swf
amxmlc EnhanceAirDemo.mxml -external-library-path lib -swf-version 23 -compiler.debug

# Package as .apk
adt -package -target apk-debug -storetype pkcs12 -keystore cert/cert_android.p12 EnhanceAirDemo.apk EnhanceAirDemo.xml EnhanceAirDemo.swf res/icons -extdir lib

# The bold parameters specify where the .swf and .ane files are placed.

Importing the library

At the top each AS3 source file that needs to use Enhance, you must include the library by adding the following import:

import co.enhance.Enhance;