Rewarded Ads

Rewarded Ads are usually full-screen video ads which users can view to receive a reward inside the app, like an additional in-game currency or a health bonus for example.

private function showAd():void {
    if(Enhance.isRewardedAdReady("level_complete")) {
        Enhance.showRewardedAd(onRewardGranted, onRewardDeclined, onRewardUnavailable, "level_complete");

private function onRewardGranted(type:String, value:int):void {
    if(type == Enhance.REWARD_ITEM) {
        trace("Reward granted (item)");
    else if(type == Enhance.REWARD_COINS) {
        trace("Reward granted (coins)");
        trace("Reward value: " + value);

private function onRewardDeclined():void {
    trace("User declined the reward");

private function onRewardUnavailable():void {
    trace("No reward was available");



Boolean Enhance.isRewardedAdReady(
    optional String placement = "default"

Check if an ad from any of the included SDK providers is ready to be shown.


optional String  placement - Specifies the internal placement of the ad (from the Enhance mediation editor).

Return Value:

Returns true if any ad is ready, false otherwise. When app is not Enhanced, always returns true.


void Enhance.showRewardedAd(
    Function onRewardGrantedCallback,
    Function onRewardDeclinedCallback,
    Function onRewardUnavailableCallback,
    optional String placement = "default"

Display an ad if any is currently available. The ad provider is selected based on your app's mediation settings.


Function  onRewardGrantedCallback - Called when an ad is finished and a reward is granted to the user. As parameters, this function will receive the reward's type as a string (which usually is either "item" or "coins"), and its value as an integer (if applicable, depending on ad network's configuration).

Function  onRewardDeclinedCallback - Called when a reward is declined (e.g. user closed the ad before it finished displaying).

Function  onRewardUnavailableCallback - Called when a reward is unavailable for an unknown reason and cannot be granted.

optional String  placement - Specifies the internal placement of the ad (from the Enhance mediation editor).


The default internal placement of all ad types. Always equal to "default".

String Enhance.REWARD_ITEM

Indicates that the granted reward is a game-defined item.

String Enhance.REWARD_COINS

Indicates that the granted reward is a specific number of coins.